What is EXTRADE?

Proven technology for an exciting new market

ExTrade's backend system consists of market data, order placement, clearance, multi-level accounts, capital allocation, risk strategies, automatic risk management, algo trading, Matlab integration, Python support, ultra fast per-tick backtesting, strategy hosting, simulation accounts and many more. They are being used and trading everyday by real world financial institutions in traditional markets such as stock and futures. Many of these institutions rely on our backend systems to run and manage their funds.

With such superior technology and experience, ExTrade is able to bridge the gap and provide financial professionals real access to this exciting emerging market - crypto, with the tools they trust and are used to, and in turn provide unmatched expertise and services to our investors nowhere to be found in crypto asset management.

Investment capital safety

Where is your investment capital stored? ExTrade is the only platform with such technical capability. Your investment capital is NOT stored in ExTrade's private wallet. By working with reputable exchanges with cold storage and strong security capability, we want to make sure that you know where your investment capital is, at all times.

Risk management

How do you know if your fund manager is not using your investment to benefit himself? ExTrade has platform-wide and multi-level risk management strategies running 24/7 to make sure that transactions that have considerable risk in harming investors are rejected immediately and our risk management team will be notified to take action if neccessary.


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Index Funds

Focus on trends instead of a small number of investment selections, index funds are for you. Since indices are usually constructed by a large amount items with each made up a small fraction of the index, underlying risk is distributed hence providing better overall spectrum of trends rather than performances of individual selections.

Money Market & CDs

ExTrade provides sophisticated technology for investment capital safety, access control as well as risk management already used by several billion dollar funds in traditional markets. Therefore we are able to provide virtually risk-free investment products to investors. Money market will be you go to investment if making sure that risk is controlled at minimal is your first priority.

Algo Strategies

In highly volatile markets such as cryptocurrency trading, algorithm trading (quant) usually provides great return while able to manage down side. ExTrade's team of internal and external experts create sophisticated, field-tested algo trading strategies to help our users profit in such markets. We even provide strategy subscription service in near future, if copy trading is what you are after.

Specialty Funds

Talented people have insights or specialty that make them extraordinary. These are usually ideas that's different from mainstream but yet provide great results. We will have an ever increasing selection of specialty funds for our users to participate in.